Scratch-Away, Inc. - Omaha, NE Wheel Repairs and Headlight Restorations

Repairing, instead of replacing, painted rims is the most cost effective way to keep your wheels in a like new condition.  

Damaged wheels can be very expensive to replace.  At Scratch-Away, Inc., we can restore many types of painted wheels to their original condition at a cost significantly lower than replacing them.  Curb scraped, gouged or scratched wheels can be repaired without removing the wheel from your vehicle or the tire from its rim.

Let Scratch-Away, Inc. help keep your wheels looking new, protect you against high “leasing charges” and maintain the value of your vehicle with our inexpensive wheel repairs.

Clouded headlights drastically reduce your visibility, creating serious safety concerns.

At Scratch-Away, Inc., we can quickly restore your cloudy headlights, returning them to their original crystal clear finish.

We’ll sand your headlights to remove the layers of sun damaged plastic, then apply a UVA protective coat of clear that bonds with the plastic cover of your headlights.  This process results in a clearer, more durable finish that will last for years, not months, like buffing.

Visit Scratch-Away, Inc. at 4348 South 90th Street in Omaha, NE or call: (402) 598-2313 to schedule your appointment today.  See how you can benefit from our services!

Callout Wheel Repairs and Headlight Restoration
Callout Wheel Repairs and Headlight Restoration