Scratch-Away, Inc. - Omaha, NE

Choose an automotive spot repair facility that offers body shop quality repairs at 30%-70% below body shop prices. You’ll save money and time when you use Scratch-Away, Inc. to handle all of your bumper repairs, spot repairs, wheel repairs and headlight restorations.  We are the solution for restoring your vehicle to its original condition.

Same day service:
Most repairs can be completed in one day, eliminating the need for a rental car.

Less than Insurance deductibles:
In most cases, we can repair your vehicle for less than your insurance deductible, eliminating insurance claims and potential increases in your premiums.

Avoid “damage charges” when returning your leased vehicle:
Don’t pay excessive “damage charges” by leasing companies, for damaged wheels, bumpers or other blemishes on your leased vehicle.  We will repair those damages saving you money and frustration when turning your vehicle in. 

A one stop shop, providing a range of services:
From a broken mirror cover to a damaged bumper, from cloudy headlights to scuffed rims, bring your vehicle into Scratch-Away, Inc. for body shop quality repairs and restorations.

Special Incentives:
In addition to discounts on multiple repairs, same day services and affordable prices, you’ll receive the highest quality of workmanship when you use Scratch-Away, Inc.

Scratch-Away, Inc. at 4348 South 90th Street in Omaha, NE or call: (402) 598-2313 to schedule your appointment today.  See how you can benefit from our services!


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